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Today, tattooing is not only made up of patterns that have long been used, but is more personalized and self-expression. So we always strive to be the tattoo you get from us unique.
Do you want a nice aesthetic tattoo? Or do you have a memory or life event on your own? Tattoos for you and for us are quite personal. Therefore, we pay special attention to each and every one of our work, starting with looking for us and wanting to make your tattoo. If you bring yourself a pattern we tailor to you to best show you.

If you're in trouble with the exact layout of the pattern, then there is no problem as we work from ideas, and we'll design it for you. So you can have a completely unique tattoo. But you can choose from a huge database, just as you like. You can be sure that you will get answers to all your questions here.
The salon is naturally a demanding, sterile, beautiful environment and fun atmosphere to make your tattoo your dream come true. On the website you can see a part of our work already done. Follow our picture and video gallery at Youtube and Facebook.

Are you ready for a tattoo?!? Do you want a new tattoo or an older one to be repaired, to cover it !? We are sure that in our studio we will offer you the artistic quality of tattooing! We will guarantee that you will experience this from the first moment!
As the tattoo is for a lifetime, of course, we work with premium tools. That's why we are proud to offer a 60-day guarantee for our completed tattoos.

Time lapse tattoo

current reviews

I really enjoyed working with Barb. ☺☺ from a sudden idea came a wonderful reality ☺☺☺ true I went to sleep a little while making ?? I can only recommend it to everyone !! Good, kind and friendly. Anything you can talk to her about. A smiling girl who brings joy in the painful moments ☺☺☺☺☺

Manka.M Tattoo -


Very good place, nice and very demanding - and doing a nice job !!!! I can only recommend it to everyone!!!!

Dávid.T Tattoo -


I came from Switzerland and I was only one day in Gyor. Barbi also worked outside the working hours, (because i was in a short time in győr)  she made a full forearm tattoo.  She was a true artist, working very precisely. My tattoos were very nice and fantastic!! 🙂 I already know where to get tattoo next time 🙂 Thanks Barbi!!

Nathan.E Tattoo -


Real tattoo salon. Very demanding and qualified. I asked for a custom design pattern, i got a very nice plan! I was there all day and got a professional tattoo. They even ordered lunch!! They are very attentive!! I can only recommend it to everyone!!!

Richard.D Tattoo -


I really like my new painting 🙂 The artist is very talented, high quality, high quality and very demanding work! I recommend it heartily!

Tea.S Oil Painting -


All my appreciation for the artist, wonderful works, precision and friendly environment, so I could best describe the best saloon I have ever been to. I can only recommend anyone!

Bea.D Tattoo -


Now I have more tattoos from the zen tattoo 😀 all of them are very satisfied!! Last time I ordered a painting copy for my girlfriend's birthday. I had to wait 3 months before it was ready, but when he saw it "wow" perfect! Not just as a tattoo studio but a fine art studio is also excellent!

Péter.B Painting Reproduction -

 Tattoo Prices

We can give you an exact quote only for a tattoo pattern.
There are several factors involved in price design, such as tattoo size, technique, color (black or color), custom design needs.
After a successful meeting, tattooing requires a date for which we are requesting an advance payment of HUF 5,000.
We also require a prepayment for the design of a custom sample. The price is between 5,000 and 10,000 HUF depending on the design specificity.
Of course, the advance is part of the total price of your tattoo.
There is no reason to worry about our guests coming from far, and you can cash out the advance by transferring the bill we give you.


Ask for quotation! The simplest way to write on Facebook or send an email to zentattoo@zentattooportre.eu with the desired pattern or idea.
If you have a bigger sample call us and invite an appointment to the salon where we'll discuss the details. If you have a question or want to book a date call us bravely!
          route: 9021 Győr Arad Vértanúk út 21. In downtown Győr
Appointment: date must be agreed before the Tattoo, which is most easily by,  email or Facebook can do it.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 Saturday: 10:00 to 17:00